Start your own gaming site


There has never been a better time to make that jump

Every year, hundreds of people and companies take the plunge and start up their own online gambling brand.

Some succeed and make a very tidy sum for themselves, others fail for a variety of reasons.

With so many countries introducing their own legislation, it can be a minefield for the inexperienced, but that is where Grabbit Gaming come in.

We can assist with as much or as little as is required to help you get a working site with a range of products live and making money. We can take a back seat and advise or manage every aspect of the site for you, from inception to launch and beyond.

We are independent of all software providers so can suggest the best platform for you depending on your circumstances. 


There are a large number of providers offering complete services and products with more springing up regularly. If you contact them direct, they will assure you that theirs is the perfect one for you and that you don't need to look anywhere else.

That is not always the case as some cost a lot more than others, the quality of platforms vary significantly as do revenue shares, products and ongoing support. 

By speaking directly to us, we can help find the best one for you depending on your budget, preferred territory/ies and level of experience.


Although many start ups tend to choose a white label to launch - which allows them to use the licence/s of the software provider - some with a larger budget may consider a turnkey solution.

This allows them more control over their site and a larger percentage of revenues, but does mean they need to obtain their own licence.

We can assist in this whether it be a Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, Isle of Man or other jurisdiction.

Each have their advantages and disadvantages, contact us for a chat about which would be best for your own personal circumstances.


Whilst Casino tends to be the must have product - and rightly so - should you start of just with this or offer others such as sportsbook, Poker, Live Casino, Bingo, Virtuals, Daily Fantasy Sports or more?

This is a vital question when it comes to choosing your initial offering and indeed the medium term. we can assist you in this and offer numerous options for you.

We can also provide you with the world's first online poker platform that use REAL decks of cards as opposed to an RNG, a huge USP if you get in early.


Getting players to the site early on is crucial as you need to start getting depositors in before you can grow the brand.

We have a range of affiliate software that we have used in the past and can advise on which is best for you as well as using our contacts to get some good affiliates with real depositing players promoting you early on.

Speak to us for more details.


Once the site is live, you need to get word out to the industry, affiliates are a good start but are just one channel that allow you to do this. 

Whatever your budget, we can come up with a marketing plan to include a range of options including SEO, PPC, paid ads, blogs, press releases and more.

Social Media

Social Media has never been more important or useful as it is today to not just get the brand identity built but also as a useful acquisition channel.

We can put together and run Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest plus more as they come to the fore within the industry.

We can also manage advertising campaigns on these channels which is a great way to get word to your target market and demographic that you are open for business!

CRM Plans

Once you have players signed up, keeping them is imperative to the success of your brand as it is much cheaper to retain existing players than bring in new ones.

We can advise on player life cycles to ensure as many new players as possible deposit and play, ongoing CRM plans including Segmentation to ensure each type of player gets a message and offer relevant to them.

We can also assist with a Loyalty and VIP Scheme to ensure you get the highest possible Player Lifetime Value as you can.

Customer Support

Whereas most white label providers offer Customer Support, some owners prefer to run their own and we can help with that too.

We offer Support to your players via Live Chat, Email and Phone in numerous languages across a 24/7 basis.

We can also pro actively contact customers that are visiting your site with a pop up chat offering them a bonus, assistance with deposits and any other issue they may be facing.


On top of all of the above, we can assist in any other way necessary including but not limited to:



Website Design



Securing Finance

Buying/Selling of Domains and Sites